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Full-Service House Painters in Houston


For high-quality service, lasting results and your long-term satisfaction, delegate the painting of your Houston home to professional painters at Prestige Painters of Houston. Whether you need interior or exterior painting done on your Houston home, we are the go-to business. Our professional painting team handles it all, from preparation and color consultation to painting your Houston home and taking care of the cleanup. In our line of work, attention to detail makes all the difference, and we are detail-oriented from start to finish.

Personalize your Houston house through a quality painting job

Your Houston home is your biggest investment, and not just in the financial sense. That is why the paint job for your home needs to meet the highest professional standards. Let us bring a refreshing change to your Houston home with a painting that will reflect your style and preferences and last for years to come. And just wait until you see the end-results: we can transform any dull area into a beautiful space that you’ll be thrilled to enjoy in privacy and eager to show off to friends coming over!

Choose your home’s signature color palette

Before we even begin the physical process, we like to discuss colors with you. After all, nothing adds a personal touch to your Houston home like a pop of your favorite color. Color-blocking for a vibrant feel or pastel colors for a more neutral color scheme? We’ll be happy to help you define your signature color palette. It’s important that you think your options through before you decide on the color or colors for your home, as hasty decisions may cause you to make choices you’ll end up regretting.

A specific color can transform the entire room and we want to make sure you select a color that you enjoy, one that matches your furniture, and the room itself. Our expert paint team can help you with that. Certain room colors are said to affect our mood, so keep that in mind. For example, the color blue is said to elicit a feeling of serenity, calm, and a feeling of being centered; yellow provides energy and brightens a mood; green reduces anxiety and is a relaxing earthy color; and purple signifies royalty and luxury. Do your research on colors or simply ask us for guidance.

From planning to execution: our house painting process

We have a no-mess, no-nonsense approach to exterior and interior painting of your house. This requires a meticulous preparation process during which we will:

  • safeguard your walls and floors against drips or nail holes,
  • remove all electrical face plates from the walls,
  • carefully move the furniture away from the walls,
  • ensure protection of your furniture and floors by covering them with canvas drop cloths and plastic sheeting,
  • sand and scrape the surface, as this guarantees a smooth finish,
  • seal any holes and cracks with a high-quality putty,
  • prime any areas that have been repaired or filled,
  • consult with you before taking action if any further repairs are needed.

When our professional painting contractors paint the walls, they will apply a first coat of our high-quality paints. After re-examining the surface, the walls and trim will receive a finishing coat.

After the house paint is dry, our teams will review the work to ensure a perfect finish. We will make any final touch-ups and then remove our materials from your home. Our final step is to take you on a walkthrough of your newly-painted space. Our work isn’t complete until you are 100% satisfied with the end-results!

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