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Deck Refinishing Houston

deck refinishing

Deck refinishing is what we specialize in. Decks can be an important part of the home, where family barbecues are hosted, where special events may occur, and where memories are created and remembered forever.

Decks should be beautiful and kept in pristine shape all year round, but sometimes that can be hard to do. With elemental damage, cleaners, and pressure washing, these can harmful for decking surfaces over time.

When wear and tear become visible, all you want to do is get your deck fixed. Allow the professional painting contractors at Prestige Painters of Houston the opportunity to refinish your deck into a beautiful masterpiece that will last throughout the seasons.

Our Deck Refinishing Process

We begin with a consultation so that we have a good idea of what your deck needs. If you want some expert advice or ideas, just ask us any time!

Here is a basic plan of our deck refinishing process:

  • Cleaning – We will pressure wash the deck and make sure it is free of all dirt and grime.
  • Drying Time – The deck will need a few days to dry completely after the pressure washing.
  • Wood Sanding – Deck refinishing usually requires some sanding and minor repairs.
  • Wood Staining, Painting, or Sealing – Deck refinishing generally involves using a deck stain (or paint) instead of sealing with clear sealants.
  • Cleaning – We perform a final cleanup and remove any waste.

Deck Staining vs Deck Painting

Deck staining should be done every 1-3 years to protect the surface, but what about paint? You can definitely paint a deck, but it isn’t always the best option. Paint forms a thick layer on the surface that’s more inclined to peel from deck board swelling in the summer months or when exposed to heat.

Water puddling on deck floors and railing tops isn’t ideal for paint. Those areas are usually the first to start peeling. The thick coating of paint can also trap moisture inside wood which can lead to wood rot. That’s why for decks we recommend using transparent deck stains which provide more than one benefit including:

  • Offers a natural look. Transparent deck stains which come in several colors, can help you maintain your deck’s natural coloring while the wood grain shows through, giving off that natural look.
  • Protects wood from weather damage. Semi-transparent and sealers can help protect wood from all weather types. Keep in mind you should have your deck re-stained every 1 to 3 years, from the elements and general wear and tear.
  • UV protection. Darker deck stains can help your wood deck fight fading from harmful UV rays. All transparent deck stains and sealers can successfully protect your deck from sun damage, but a solid stain won’t have to be reapplied as often.

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  • Moisture-resistant. Staining your deck with any stain or sealant will protect the wood from rot and fungus.
  • Doesn’t get too slippery. Because stains penetrate the wood, they are less slippery than solid stain, or paint.
  • Economical to maintain.  If you’re looking for a low-cost solution, transparent deck staining can be an ideal. Stains soak into wood rather than forming a layer of film on top of wood. This resists cracking, peeling, and blistering from foot traffic and general wear.
  • Transparent decks can be stained over with solid stain. Even if you have stained your deck with transparent stain for many years, you can use a solid deck stain later if you want a different appearance.

Our work shows quality results only. We don’t speed through any deck refinishing project just to get it over with. We spend the time necessary to guarantee that your deck is transformed into everything you’ve imagined, and more. We work with high quality materials so that the finished product is a smooth, beautiful refinished deck.

Prestige Painters of Houston have earned a reputation as one of the best painting and deck refinishing companies in the Houston area.

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