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Comprehensive Commercial Painting Services in Sugar Land, TX

Commercial painting in sugar land tx

Prestige Painters of Houston employs only the most experienced commercial painting contractors prepared to tackle any painting task you have for them. Each one of our teams has over 20 years of experience in the commercial painting business, and they are always ready to cater to the varying needs of our clients.

Hiring Prestige Painters of Houston guarantees two things – minimum duration and maximum efficiency. Owning your own business means that every minute of being closed for painting counts, and we want to be out of your hair as quickly as possible. That is why we’re willing to work nights and ensure your business remains open during the day. Reach out to us and we’ll send a commercial painting pro to provide you with a free on-site estimate.

Explore the advantages of our commercial painting services

There’s no better way to give your commercial property a fresh look than by hiring top-rated commercial painting contractors in Sugar Land and the nearby areas to spruce up your property. When you book with Prestige Painters of Houston, you will reap the following benefits:

  • A new coat of paint on the exterior of your commercial building will protect your property against the elements. No need to fear rain, hail, and snow anymore. Plus, we’ll inspect your property and see what spots require patching, sanding, or caulking to provide full protection for a minimum of five years.
  • Improving the appearance of your commercial property will increase its value and make it more appealing to prospective buyers.
  • When you’re a business owner, your professional image is one of your most important traits, and a fresh coat of paint can work wonders for improving your image.

Hire experienced commercial painting contractors in Sugar Land

At Prestige Painters of Houston, we allow only the most experienced, skilled, and trustworthy commercial painters to become part of our team. We know that letting strangers into your place of business can be daunting, and this is our way of putting your mind at ease. All of our commercial painting contractors are fully licensed and insured, and they have plenty of experience in the commercial painting business. They work with the most modern equipment and the highest quality paint to ensure exceptional results in your commercial property.

Commercial properties are made from different materials, and the thing that affects how often you should have your property repainted by experienced interior & exterior commercial painting contractors is the surface material:

  1. Brick surfaces – Paint can last for a very long time on brick, which means you don’t have to have your brick surfaces repainted more frequently than once every 15 to 20 years.
  2. Wood surfaces – You need to have all your woodwork repainted every year to year and a half, depending on how directly your woodwork is exposed to the sun.
  3. Aluminium surfaces – You should have aluminium repainted only every six years.
  4. Plastered walls – Most modern commercial properties are plastered prior to painting, and you should have these walls repainted and repaired every five years, or every ten years, depending on the quality of plastering.

Prestige Painters of Houston will make sure to thoroughly inspect your property before moving on with commercial painting services. We will make sure the entirety of your property is expertly painted, no matter the material. We have the tools, the experience, and the people for any job.

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